Ceramic Coating vs. Wax: Which Offers Better Paint Protection?

While many products promise to offer your car’s paint the ultimate protection, ceramic coating and wax remain the popular choices. However, making a choice between

Whether you are a seasoned car owner or a new driver, preserving the beauty of your car is likely a priority, but where do you

We’ve all been there- you decide to give your beloved car a fresh coat of paint, but despite your best efforts, it doesn’t turn out

What are spider webs? Spider webs are micro scratches that occur when the surface of the vehicle has not been correctly washed/cleaned/dried. Contrast this to

Understanding Paint Transfer Dreaded paint transfer. Its not as bad as you think. In fact, often it’s the base case scenario when involved in a

Often used simultaneously, we try and get some clarity (pun intended) between these 2 correction agents! The Aggressive Nature of Compounds Compounds are often used

In this post we will use the term finishing to encompass all forms of paint sealing/waxing. The standard, wash, decontamination, polish and seal routine is often bereft of

Lighting is crucial in every aspect of detailing. From estimating the pad/compound combo for paint defect removal to levelling coatings or highlighting dog hair caught

Correcting paint can be a tedious and dangerous task. We are aware that each car will react differently based on factors such as: The two

The Ultimate Guide to Cutting and Polishing Your Car Cars are an essential part of our daily lives, and keeping them in top condition is essential for

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