Snow Foam & 2-Bucket Wash Methods

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Snow foam and snow foam lances are NOT a touch free wash system. There is no true touch free wash system that will enable you to achieve the same level of clean as a proper good old fashioned hand wash.

The Purpose

The purpose of the snow foam lance and snow foam solution is to minimise the amount of heavy dirt of the surface of the vehicle (and also provide lubrication) which will significantly reduce the risk of marring and minor scratches during the wash process.

Paired with grit guards and the 2 bucket washing technique, the risk if further reduced by ensuring that dirt and particulates picked up during the cleaning process are left behind at the bottom of the bucket in between wash mitt agitation.

2 Zone Washing Technique

We also like use our process of a 2 zone washing technique. Imagine if the car is sectioned laterally, an area above the handles and an area below the handles. As one would expect the area further away from the road (the top half) would be cleaner than the other. We typically wash this area first and have a separate mitt for this section. Once this section is completed, we then use another mitt for this dirtier lower section.

Once the car has been thoroughly cleaned, we wash it down well and get ready for the drying process.

Do Not Miss This Key Step!

This step is often neglected and is absolutely key. A quick detailer (think paint moisturiser) is absolutely essential at this step of the process. Using a quick detailer, will enable you to break the surface tension of the water on the vehicle and provide the lubricity required to dry the car in a safe manner.

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