Protection and Maintenance

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Following on from our article last week, we’d like to expand more about Protection and Maintenance. These 2 key concepts are linked with the performance of one affecting the other. 

A well protected vehicle, through proper maintenance tools and techniques prolongs the life of its protection before the need to then become restored.

Through wear and tear even the most well protected surface will over time require a restoration of this protection. The key however is to prolong the period of time between periods of restoration of protection. This is achieved through proper maintenance.

The chart below summarises this key relationship:

This week we explore maintenance and how you too can go about creating an excellent maintenance regime for your vehicle/marine vessel.

Maintenance can be further broken down into 2 categories

Cleaning and Nourishment

Cleaning relieves the surface of all pollutants. From general dirt, bird droppings, through to industrial pollutants and road grime.

Broadly speaking, the cleaning process involves the washing process and the drying process. 

Nourishment acts to replenish the protection on the surface of your vehicle after the cleaning process so as to further prolong the layer of protection of the surface of it.

In our next post we will cover in detail these 2 components.

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