Getting rid of stubborn brake dust from your wheels

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Like your wheels wheely clean? (pardon the pun). We searched high and low for the right combination of quality soft wool fibres (say goodbye to dirt kickback into your eyes and face) and multiple handle lengths (with soft rubberised grips) to equip you with everything you’ll need to clean your wheels. 

Tips for removing stubborn brake dust

Pair this with an Iron cleaner to give you an unparalleled clean:

  1. Rinse wheel rim to knock off excess brake dust and grime.
  2. Spray on the iron remover generously over wet wheels and leave on between 30s – 1min for it to work its magic.
  3. The chemical reacts with the iron to form a purple reagent.
  4. Agitate this by using a set of Wheel Woolies and Brushes to dislodge dirt and brake dust.
  5. Hose down with water.
  6. Dry the rims with a soft Drying Towel

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