Detailing re-imagined

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Over the last couple of weeks we have been thinking about detailing from a more conceptual perspective. Even though detailing is something that is very practical, technical even, we think there are merits to rethinking it and simplify detailing as a concept.

In the following weeks and months, we will be taking a more structured approach to detailing.

Today’s piece aims to give you a high level summary of our thoughts and the direction our content flow will take over the course of the year.

Detailing is not confined to car detailing.

It applies to marine vessels, motorbikes and even aircraft. Detailing can be boiled down into 2 distinct categories – Protection and Maintenance.

  • Protection as distinct from maintenance is the step to seal and subsequently protect the surface you are working with. Protection in itself contains a number of steps which will be what we will cover first and foremost in the next couple of weeks.
  • Maintenance is key to prolonging the stage of protection. We will delve into what we deem as best practice to ensure that the time you have invested in protecting that surface remains protected for as long as possible before the cycle comes back around and we revert back to protection again.

Each week we will be attaching a mind map, this is updated each time we have covered a particular topic so that you can easily identify and see which part of the process we have explored in the article written. Over time we expect this to grow in detail and size.

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